Introduce yourself and the title of your album?

 Andre Coupe was born on 03 October 1992, he is from Johannesburg south in a small town called Rosettenville, and his mixtape is called ‘The Ville’.  

Share with us what inspired the production of this album?

The mixtape was inspired by neighbourhood challenges in terms of lack of opportunities when it comes to talent exposure. Against all odds, this mixtape was designed to inspire and motivate any individual facing these obstacles.

Any featured artists on this album, if yes…who and why?

There are currently no features on this mixtape because it is my first mixtape, so it is giving the world the opportunity to know the sound of Andre Coupe.

How many songs make up the album?

The mixtape has 7 tracks.

What formula do you use to select the title of your album?

This mixtape contains a lot of genres from Trap, RnB, Rap and Pop to accommodate all age groups.

How long was the album in production?

The whole tape was made within a space of 3 months.

Share with us your marketing strategy once the album was released to ensure sales’ skyrocketed?

The first strategy is social media [Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc.]. My main target market is the youth; so l will start touring around schools in SA indulging into charity organisations and bringing the music to the youth while inspiring and motivating them at the same time. This is important to me as an artist to reach out to the youth for they are the future leaders and musicians.

Since the album was released, how many copies have been sold?

The mixtape will be released on the 3rd of October 2020 on my birthday 

Who do you credit for the production of this album?

I would like to credit my late brother and producer mega king and my current producer Ray Flex.

What accolades if any has this album received?

For now lm current pushing a single called ‘Wild’ produced by the late Mega King which you can get from all social media platforms [Andre Coupe Official]. 

As an artist, how do you stay in demand with competition so fierce in your industry? 

To stay in demand as an artist I personally think instead of following trends l should set my own. I always do things differently from all artists in terms of sound and it all starts by making music that certifies me and my team first then the world will follow.

What is your honest opinion about the 360-degree contract?

l think the 360-degree contract is fair and makes it easy for artists and companies.  

International artists capitalise on their fame to build multiple revenue streams to safeguard their future…what are you doing to protect yours?

I am still a new character in this industry but I am certain about the guidance that surrounds me. I am keen to learn and explore a lot about the music industry.

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