Introduce yourself and the title of your album? 

Nome is a name derived from my middle name Ehinome which means angels with me. I have a strong christian background and that is where I developed my entertainment skills. My latest release is titled Cheque out, produced by Dsb and featuring He. Single was released on the 30th April 2020 and in the last two weeks has acquired over 70,000 streams across all platforms and this is huge for me. 

Share with us what inspired the production of this album?

This song was inspired by post Malone honestly and the main goal was to showcase my versatility when it comes to writing music. If you are a fan you can quickly tell how different Cheque out sounds compared to my past releases. The song is special as I tend to also use this medium to introduce myself and infuse my brand idea.

Any featured artists on this album, if yes…who and why? 

I featured DSB and HE on this song, honestly it was never planned or pre arranged, we were in the studio working and the vibe felt right, everyone was excited and happy to share a piece of the cake haha. 

How many songs make up the album? 

Cheque out was released as a single, I will use this opportunity to announce my forthcoming 5 track EP dropping sometime this year .

What formula do you use to select the title of your album?

For a single I will use the most catchy and most relatable word in the song but for an album it’s different. An album is more special, I ask myself what message am I trying to pass across and from there I can settle on a single word that best explains my message to my fans. 

How long was the album in production? 

Song was recorded in a day, I will say a week max due to mixing and mastering. I believe in writing and recording as quickly as possible. 

Share with us your marketing strategy once the album was released to ensure sales’ skyrocketed?

I partnered with a couple of music blog/playlist curators to ensure single don’t fall on deaf ears….Due to Covid 19 all other marketing plans are currently on hold until further notice. All tours cancelled etc…

Since the album was released, how many copies have been sold?

Released three weeks ago, Cheque Out has currently sold nearly 100k across all platforms.

Who do you credit for the production of this album? 

DSB productions. 

What accolades if any has this album received? 

Nul ATM 

As an artist, how do you stay in demand with competition so fierce in your industry?

I just keep being original and never lose I really am, no one can be me and that is my power but besides that I also love learning and will never stop learning and adapting to the consistent fluctuation of the industry. 

What is your honest opinion about the 360-degree contract? 

I have always been an independent artist and haven’t given this a thought so my opinion might not be very valid at this stage. Though I have recently been advised a million times to stay independent, I am also open to trying new things.

International artists capitalise on their fame to build multiple revenue streams to safeguard their future…what are you doing to protect yours? 

For every artist I believe it’s really not much different, growing your fan base is key to succeeding and landing deals and that is one to the things I am currently focused on achieving other things I will prefer to keep private until fully confirmed. 

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