Southern Africa is currently struggling with high unemployment and agriculture offers opportunities to be self-employed. Pig farming has many untapped opportunities beyond just breeding pigs…but also processing pork, marketing and numerous other value-added opportunities waiting to be explored.

Read below how pig farmer Kebelo Moloto started his piggery, challenges he faced and the milestones he has achieved over the years…

What attracted you to pig farming?

The love of farming even after being humbled by poultry farming previously.

What pig farming experience did you have before launching own pig farm?


How did you fund your piggery?


How many sows and boars did you start your piggery with?

6 Sows and 1 boar.

How big is your breeding stock now?

25 sows.

Kabelo Moloto's piggery in Rustenburg
Kabelo Moloto’s piggery in Rustenburg

How long have you been farming with pigs?

4 years.

Which pig farming model do you use…farrow to finisher or farrow to weaner or weaner to finisher and why that choice?

Farrow to finisher.

What challenges have you had to overcome farming with pigs?

Besides own mistakes, a stagnant market, feed prices and many barriers to entry for an emerging farmer.

How do you handle high feed costs to remain profitable?

I have no solution, god helps us. Homemade feed delays growth and ultimately costs the same as commercial feed.

How many growers do you sell per cycle?

Approximately 50.

Where do you sell your pigs?

Large percentage to other farmers for breeding purposes and a small portion directly to the public on order.

African Swine Fever is currently spreading throughout South Africa…how do you protect your piggery from such threats?

Basic biosecurity measures like foot-bath and consistent cleaning. I avoid other pig farms, livestock auctions and limit visitors to my farm.

What is your long-term plan for your piggery?

Retail, becoming an end-user processing pig products, bought from other emerging markets who need access to such markets because I know the pain.

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