Briefly introduce yourself? 

My name is Tshidi Morabi. I have a BCom in Informatics and a post-graduate diploma in risk management. I’ve been in the ICT arena for the past 19 years as a business analyst and trainer. I started Ginini Consulting in 2014 to fulfil my dream of building my own consulting firm. 

Tshidi Morabi - LocTransie Founder
Tshidi Morabi – LocTransie Founder

What is the name of your app and the story behind it?  

It’s called LocTransie — derived from the words “locate” and “transie”, a colloquial reference to “transport” in township slang.  I was inspired to develop the app after I could not locate my own child as the driver was not picking up the phone and it was the last day of school Term 1 of 2019.  

What problem is your mobile application solving?  

The app is solving social ills when it comes to children’s safety and provides peace of mind to parents on the whereabouts of their children in real-time when they are being transported between home and school, especially now we are living in a society where human-trafficking is rife.

What is the app’s Unique Selling Proposition?  

It provides peace of mind for parents.

How is the app monetised?  

LocTransie creates its own advertising space that we are selling to the public and businesses. We are also selling the advertising framework to other app developers.

Name the development team behind the app and their roles?  

Tshidi Morabi: inventor, architect and functional developer; Vukheta Mathye: developer; Lundi Naka: designer; Moeti Mohale: quality assurer; Basetsana Moloto:  marketing; and Elijah Maluleke: software embedded engineer.

Talk to us about the Minimum Viable Product phase, what features did you launch the app with?

The principal feature of the app is the integration between parents, schools and scholar transport driver. These parties use the same source of data from the app to manage the child.  The parent has the functionality to add the child and link him/her to the school administrator and scholar transport driver via the email addresses.

The scholar transport drivers and school admin create their own profiles using the same email addresses given to parents to load/add children to enable them to manage the register on their smartphones.  None of the participating parties has access to other’s personal information. 

 As the register is managed, the parent receives push notifications on the whereabouts of their child.  Parents receive notifications about the location of where the child was dropped off and picked up by the driver with the ability to view the child on the map.  The school admin receives and releases the child on the app then the parent receives push notifications to locate the child on the map as well.

Walk us through your beta testing phase…how did you recruit users?  

Media coverage (print, radio, tv, social media), car branding, meeting the scholar transport associations, parent meetings as well as roadshows.

What was the app’s breakthrough? 

The breakthrough came when the Riversands Incubation Hub Marketing and Public Relations department introduced LocTransie to the market through media coverage.

What challenges have you faced in the life of app and how were they solved? 

Development costs of the app as it was self-funded.

How many downloads has the app recorded to date? 

Just under 2000.

What are the future plans for the app?  

The plan is for the app to be utilised by every parent, scholar transport driver and schools nationally as we live in a world where children’s safety can’t be guaranteed.

If you were to sell app today, what is the market value?  


How do potential users access the app? 

The app is accessible via Google Play and the web.  IOS is coming soon.

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