Reality in the past few weeks has almost revolutionised its meaning for many, with a sudden rise of a ‘Back-to-Basics’ trend that has affected most industries. We have seen people moving back to what they know and really looking into what lies at the core, whether it be socialising, communicating and even conducting business activity. Companies have had to rethink their operating models, reinvent their service offerings as well as adjust to the new ‘real’.

What does this mean for business?

Businesses big or small around the country will, for a long time, be required to implement certain health measures into their daily processes. This requires more investment, time and resources to ensure public health safety is adhered to at all times. In short, working environments will not be the same.

For example: Businesses, schools, and government departs, particularly with more than 500 people, are required by legislation to implement onsite screening and testing.

How can we assist this process?

Macrocomm, an IoT based company, recently developed a COVID-19 digital screening tool, in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) guidelines, in an attempt to relive the pressures on employers and business owners alike in adjusting the new reality we face in the coming months.

The company’s CEO Sivi Moodley says, “Contactless screening is imperative, hence the need for innovative assistance tools that make the process easier and smoother for businesses around the country. This Integrated Smart Sanitisation Pod will assist employees throughout the day in adhering to the legislation. The basic function of the design of this pod is to enable facial recognition and temperature identification of people entering and leaving a facility, providing an institution with real-time analytics.

“The new reality is virtual and IoT is and will play an integral role in mitigating and managing the risks when employees and employers return back to some normality. The goal behind our technology is to ease people back into reality smoothly and enable them to be business ready with very little, by using technology to do most of the work,”

adds Moodley.

Dealing with a looming concern

The discussion of certain grades returning back to physical school from 1 June has caused some upheaval and concern within the public space. In an attempt to ease this process in, because it’s inevitable, we have created a smart solution that not only provides management of social distancing and compliance but also ensures parents and custodians are immediately alerted in the event a child experiences difficulty whilst at school.

Symptoms of concern, abnormal reactions and illness are immediately recorded and dealt with avoiding further contact and possible spread of the virus, which may not be traceable without this smart tool.

“As we move towards a risk-adjusted opening of the economy, a change in the way we think, the way we act, and the way in which we conduct ourselves as individuals and businesses will evidently need to be readjusted, and for some this may even be a positive turn of events. I urge business to remain resilient and ensure they are effectively equipping themselves with ultimate readiness for the future. Finding new ways of doing what we do, but better, and this is undoubtedly done through IoT.”

concludes Moodley.
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