Briefly introduce yourself, what is the nature of your business?

Quickwill is an online platform enabling its users to draft their own will online, with the help of the Quickwill support team who are on standby to answer any questions they may have along the way. 

What inspired the launch of your business?

Being a qualified lawyer turned software engineer I knew I wanted to do something to improve efficiency in the legal space and improve access to justice. The opportunities for streamlining processes in the legal industry are many. Along with this, 70% + of South Africans pass on without a will in place, which leaves their loved ones with a lot of stress and admin in time they’d rather be grieving the loss. All of this can be avoided by having a will in place. 

How did you know there was a market for it?

Given that 70%+ of South Africans pass on without a will, we realised there is a gap in the market. We attribute this figure to the fact that people are reluctant to see lawyers as they don’t know what it will cost them in the end. Further to that, making appointments to see people in person takes up time that people often have to take off work. As a result, wills are not prioritised. Quickwill gives you a set price for the drafting of your will online, upfront. In addition, thereto, you can still chat to a lawyer if you have questions regarding the will drafting process. Quickwill removes friction in a process where there is a large number of people in need of the service, by providing an online will service. 

How did you raise startup capital?

The founders are all mid to late thirties and as a result, we’ve all had a few career lives behind us. This has put us in the fortunate position that we are able to bootstrap the business for the time being… but it’s still early days, maybe we’ll need to raise money at some point. 

Describe your business model and how you make money?

Our business has two models – the first being our Quickwill brand which we make available to the public to draft wills. The second is a white-labelled solution which we license to corporates to provide the service to their clients. We like to think of ourselves as a legaltech solutions company which can help people and businesses close the accessibility gap to justice.

What challenges has the business faced and how did it overcome them?

The public’s understanding of the importance of having a Will is very limited. We aim to educate people through our Facebook page as well as a very comprehensive FAQ’s section we have on our website. The topic of a will isn’t appealing to people as it forces them to think about their own death, which makes our task even more difficult. But we’d like to believe that we’re making a heavy topic somewhat lighter feeling. 

What was the business’s first big breakthrough?

We’re still waiting for that one, but I’m sure it’s around the corner 😉

What online tools/apps is business using daily?

We use the Google service suite (docs, sheets etc), Slack for our internal team comms and Asana for keeping track of tasks and projects. 

What marketing strategy has proven profitable for your business?

Users often search online for “online wills” and when they do, they usually complete the wills, but we found by running ads, there are very few users who actually complete the will process due to clicking through from an ad. So a will needs to be something that they are actively looking for, rather than marketing to them.

We, therefore, believe that having great SEO would be more beneficial for the business than digital adds. For the actively sold part, we envelop the selling in good customer experience, by following up with users who have signed up to ask how we can assist them with completing the will and offering help with concepts they do not understand. This approach is generally very well received and appreciated. 

Stella Pickard, Quickwill CEO & Co-founder
Stella Pickard, Quickwill CEO & Co-founder

What remains a challenge for your business today?

People need to be educated on the importance of having a will and understand that free wills are not necessarily free, or even cheap for that matter. We often have to deal with comments like “But the banks do it for free”, but what people don’t realise is that people who draft your will for free usually require you to appoint them as the executor of your estate, which entitles them to a minimum fee of 3.5% (+VAT) of the gross value of your estate. This can be a significant amount of money, and either way, more than the R375 which Quickwill currently charges. 

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