Introduce yourself and the title of your album?

Rachel Reloaded is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her album title is ‘Intrusion’.

Share with us what inspired the production of this album?

My childhood inspired the production of my album. I was brought up in Diepsloot and I will be talking about all the good and the bad that I experienced growing up.

Any featured artists on this album, if yes…who and why?

There is one feature on this album and the featured artist is Andre Coupe. I chose Andre Coupe because I love his vibe; he has a very positive flexible attitude when it comes to art, it’s always a good vibe when he’s around and thus making it easier for anyone to work with him. 

How many songs make up the album?

There are 15 songs on the album.

What formula do you use to select the title of your album?

How I came up with the title ‘Intrusion’ for this album, I see myself getting into the industry as an intruder because I know most people will be shocked and unprepared for what I will be bringing.  I’ll be coming in like a soldier at war ready to claim her territory.

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How long was the album in production?

The album took 6 months under production.

Share with us your marketing strategy once the album was released to ensure sales’ skyrocketed?

I have a PR Team that will be helping with media platforms radio stations and television, and I’ll be marketing myself through my social media platforms.

Since the album was released, how many copies have been sold?

Not yet released.

Who do you credit for the production of this album?

Firstly I credit god for giving me the strength to complete it, my producer Flex and my team at Bazzworx Records for all the support they have given me.

What accolades if any has this album received?

Not yet

As an artist, how do you stay in demand with competition so fierce in your industry?

I will stay in demand relevant by simply being my authentic self and sticking to my lane.

What is your honest opinion about the 360-degree contract?

I feel like the 360-degree contract is unfair to artists because they work just as hard as their record label and thus deserve a fair cut.

International artists capitalise on their fame to build multiple revenue streams to safeguard their future…what are you doing to protect yours?

As my brand expands I will be opening more businesses that are art-related like e.g. starting my own clothing store, opening beauty stores and starting my own channels on TV for entertainment etc.

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