We script the journey of life in different ways through our experiences as humans. Each one of us has a story to share about their upbringing, whether good or bad…it’s your history, your journey, your life story.

The creative art as an industry is home to a truckload of individuals gifted in unique talents. These talents propel people from obscurity to stardom in a matter of an album release for musicians. We have witnessed many unknown music icons unleashed to the airwaves, where music fans embrace them with love for their craft.

Sadly the reality is that not all musicians will get the same love or support from the public for a variety of reasons. Our hustle differs again and my lane might be made in bronze while yours in platinum.

Today, we have the honour to be graced by an incredible artist named Syncane, who paves his own path in the music industry through this unique sound that he has coined it – DUST…he shares his musical journey below, enjoy the read:

Introduce yourself and the title of your album?

I go by the name of Syncane. I’m an independent artist with a uniquely South African sound that is derived from kwaito, I have coined it DUST.

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What inspired the production of this album?

I have been working on an EP (extended play) titled “Live Low Key” which was due to be released in January 2020. Opted to release the EP gradually throughout the year to maximize streaming revenue and build a steady fan base with every single release.

Any featured artists on this album, if yes…who and why?

I chose to collaborate with Lunatik, Tweezy, Caddy Cad, Giger Trill, Eminent Fam and Maglera Doe Boy On The Project. These are the people that I felt would compliment my sound in the best way. We also have a great relationship which is very important to me when collaborating. I need to actually like you as a person.

How many songs make up the album?

It consists of 12 tracks, each month has a song.

What formula do you use to select the title of your album?

Title of the EP “Live Low Key” is inspired by my belief in moving and working in silence. That’s all I’ve been doing since my last mixtape release. I’ve been Low Key Learning the ins and outs of the industry. Learning about management, public relations, publishing, even mixing and mastering. 

How long was the album in production?

The first song I recorded for the project was recorded in 2008. I’ve been recording since then with this project in mind.

Share with us your marketing strategy once album was released to ensure sales’ skyrocketed?

Every single release requires a small budget for sponsored posts on social media and a radio tour. I’ve done radio interviews on Massiv Metro, TouchHD, Boston MediaHouse Radio and UJFm to name a few. Plan to expand that database as the year progresses.

Who do you credit for the production of this album?

All the songs on the album were engineered by myself and I produced 2 of the songs on the project.  

Tweezy, Lunatik and Tafi da Don are some of the producers I chose to work with on this project.

What is your honest opinion about the 360-degree contract?

I am a firm believer in independence. Jay Z said “Till you own what you make, you can never be free”. That’s how I feel about the 360 deal.

International artists capitalise on their fame to build multiple revenue streams to safeguard their future…what are you doing to protect yours?

I have just launched a merchandise store on my website www.syncane.com. Here you can stream or purchase all my music, buy merchandise from me and affiliate brands such as the 90s baby store, which I am their official brand ambassador.

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