Introduce yourself and the title of your book…

I am Takalani Mutshinyani, well known as Takalani M. A 31-year-old mother and wife, who loves to write. My three published books are The Royal Mistress, Adelaide and The Rival – which are all part of The Royal Mistress Trilogy. 

Do you have a role model author, if yes who and why?

Dudu Busani-Dube is one author that inspired me to self-published the trilogy. After a great success of her three self-published books, she was selfless enough to share her publishing journey with upcoming authors.  I followed her footsteps and everything worked out for me. 

What inspired the production of your book?

It had always been my dream to publish a romance novel – I just had to go on and do it. I feel like people need a little hope (through written stories) when it comes to love and I have the abilities to do just that. 

How did you know it would be in demand?

I started writing The Royal Mistress on my Facebook page: Stories by Takalani M. Most readers were interested in the story and always demanded to buy the book. With that, I decided to produce the books and have them available in bookstores. Also, most readers are hungry for locally produced books; it was easy to have them interested in The Royal Mistress trilogy. 

How was the book funded?

I had my mother, Lineth Mutshinyani, invest in my craft. I can call it a personal loan from her since I promised to pay it back once I start making profits – which I did. 

Which publishing house released your book and why?

My book was self-published with assistance from West Park Publishers. It was easier to outsource some of the services from them since they are also my book distributors. 

Walk us through the marketing campaign to promote your book… 

I easily market my books on social media by writing more stories. Apart from the bookstores, I also sell the books myself, making it easy for me to campaign for the readers to spread the word. 

How many copies have been sold to date?

The Royal Mistress trilogy has sold over fifteen thousand copies combined. The Royal Mistress and Adelaide are already on the national bestselling list since the year 2019 and The Rival is soon to top the charts too.

What challenges did you experience producing your book?

As a first time published author, I did my research and almost got it right until I learnt the editorial needed a lot of work and focus. Apart from that, West Park Publishers handled most of the difficult parts of publishing – making the journey to be a smooth ride for me. 

What accolades if any has your book received?

Apart from hitting the bestselling title, I am looking forward to greater accolades.

Who do you credit for making your book a reality?

My mother invested in my dream. Also, West Park Publishers for making everything possible for The Royal Mistress trilogy to be a success – from the cover design to having the books in hundreds of stores across the country.

How would you summarise the production of this book in your own words?

Lots of money and handwork was needed when it came to editorial, cover design, marketing and getting the books distributed to the readers and bookstores. With self-publishing, work doesn’t stop as you always need to continuously produce the books to ensure that the demand is met. 

Where do people access your book?

The books are available to purchase on my website: Also on takealot, independent booksellers and stores, Exclusive books and Bargains books across South Africa.

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